New Year’s Eve Superstitions and Traditions

It’s New Year’s Eve! Are you ready to great 2015? In my family, New Year’s Day is very important. We even follow certain superstitions and traditions to bring luck towards the rest of the coming year. Here are some New Year’s traditions and superstitions that I follow:

1. Eat 12 grapes: One grape for each month of the year!

2. Watch Fireworks: Who doesn’t love a good fireworks show? Greet the new year with colorful and loud fireworks to symbolize an exciting and cheerful year!

3. Be loud and make noise: At midnight yell out ‘Happy New Year!’ to your family, friends, and out the door to your neighbors. Text or message those that you can’t yell to. Let 2015 know that you are for it!

4. Kiss or hug someone at midnight: Grab your loved one and give them a big kiss! Single? That’s fine. Give your friends and family a big hug! This signifies a stronger relationship with the people you hugged or kissed for 2015.

5. Spread coins around the house and carry money in your pocket: In my country, this is an action that brings good luck to the household. This tradition signifies financial stability for the coming year.

7. Clean! Clean! Clean! On New Year’s Day, clean up! Greet the new year with a clean environment and hope for an organized, clean year.

8. Don’t spend: You want incoming money for 2015 not going out. So keep your money in your bank and pockets and hold off on spending on New Year’s Day.

Thank you for reading! Have a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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