ColourPop Haul! Swatches and First Impressions!

Over the past few months, I discovered a new cosmetics company and fell completely in love with it. That cosmetics company is ColourPop! This company was started in California and retails their product at a very affordable rate! Seriously! I went overboard on shopping here because of the quality and price of their products. Anyways, enough intro. Here is what I got and their swatches! I will commenting about my first impressions throughout the blog post. This was a cumulative haul from November and December of 2014. Everything in this haul is still available. Enjoy!

Not a Box of Chocolates




Starting from the left: Doe-A-Deer, Partridge, Drift, Tinsel, Sleigh, Halo

I swatched all of these with one swipe and I was very please with the outcome. These are very pigmented just from one swipe. Halo barely shows up on my skin but I tried it on my lids and it looked absolutely gorgeous and very brightening.

Megan Naik




Starting from the left: Lectra, Farah, Onai, Amira

This is probably one of my favorite products that I got from this haul. First of all, I love the packaging, probably because my favorites color is red. I also love the color scheme for this palette. Amira is probably the most gorgeous glistening gold I have ever owned. The texture of these eye shadows almost make them feel like they’re wet. Add a gorgeous gold color to that and you have Amira. I’m also very pleased that they added a chocolate brown matte eye shadow. It just really pulls the palette together. And of course, the pigmentation is as crazy as ever for ColourPop.

Forget the Fruit Cake




Starting from the left: Cookie, Tuxedo, Cheers, Tutu, Confetti, Lady

I fell in love with this palette, the moment I saw it but I decided to pass on it because I was not familiar with ColourPop yet. I ended up getting individual Lippie Stix to try out the brand first. When I fell in love with the pigmentation and formula of their Lippie Stix, I decided to finally get this set. All of these are matte except for Tuxedo and Confetti which are a hyper gloss finish. Again, these were swatches were done with one swipe. I absolutely love these Lippie Stix especially the mattes. They do not dry me out like a lot of matte lipsticks I’ve tried and they don’t settle into my lines. They’re also very pigmented as I’ve mentioned before. They do bleed a little but with a lip primer, they stay on perfectly fine.

Lippie Stix



Starting from the Left: Flawless, LBB, Brills, Fetch, Gossip, Lumiere

Sooo…when I mentioned that I went over board, this is what I meant. Yes, I bought six more Lippie Stix on top of the Forget the Fruit Cake set of 6 Lippie Stix. Why? Well because I’m obsessed and crazy about makeup. I will probably not need lipsticks for a very long time. But! I’m completely happy with these! My current favorite Lippie Stix is Lumiere!

Overall Thoughts

I’m in love with ColourPop now. The quality is amazing and the prices are great. They just released a new line of matte eye shadows and I can’t wait to check them out. I hope you end up liking ColourPop too!

Thanks for reading!

As Always,

Nicole ❤

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