A Winter’s Walk

I thought you guys might enjoy this post. Even in these dead cold days, winter can still be hauntingly beautiful.

whazzup wasabi







Here are some pictures from last weekend’s walk in the woods. Thankfully the snow had not melted yet. I would of taken some more pictures, but I wasn’t feeling too good. Still, I managed to take quite a few.

I personally love the snow. It makes the dry and dead feeling of winter in the woods somehow extraordinarily beautiful. It makes everything brighter especially at night. It could be a new moon out and you could see for miles just off of the light bouncing off the snow.

It has a certain elegance.

I’m actually hoping it will come back again sometime this winter. Anyways, even if you had to drive in it, I hope you found some reason to enjoy the snow while we had it. I hope you enjoyed these pictures.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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