ColourPop Super Shock Cheeks Review

Guess what?! Finals are over! To celebrate, I have review for everyone!

Okay, you guys know how obsessed I am with ColourPop. About a month ago, they released their first ever blush collection called Super Shock Cheeks! I’ve been playing with them all month and I finally have my review with swatches of three of their new blushes.

Read about ColourPop here.

I also hauled a bunch of ColourPop shadows and Lippie Stix. If you would like the swatches of those and read my first impression on them, click here.

Trio pic

Named and Uncapped

Swatches with names


  • Fox (Satin): A warm coral. This color gives a very natural flushed coral glow.
  • Prenup (Satin): The description is a mid-tone plum pink but I think because of my skin tone, it’s coming off more like a salmon pink color on the swatch. It gives a very subtle touch of pink on my cheeks.
  • Cheerio (Satin): A beautiful cranberry color. Sorry about the swatch! It got blurred out but it is a cranberry color. This is my favorite out of the three. It’s a deeper blush color but it gives me that nice natural blushing tanned look. Absolutely gorgeous.

Price: They retail for $8 which is inexpensive in my opinion. That is about the price of some drugstore blushes, maybe even cheaper. It contains 4.2 g of the blush.

Pigmentation: Very pigmented just like all the other ColourPop products and that’s visible on the swatches.

Application: Okay, this is where things take a turn. These blushes are definitely pigmented when swatched but unlike Nars or Tarte blushes where those blushes gives you a splash of pigmented blushes with one stroke, these don’t. When I applied them, I had to build them up to get to my desired pigmentation. I expected them to be just the like the Nars or Tarte blushes when applied because that’s how they’re eye shadows and lippie stix are. In a way, this can be a positive thing. It will be easier to control the amount of pigmentation that you want on your cheeks when applying these blushes. However, it does take more time when blending and building up the blushes on your cheeks. *TIP*: Use a stippling brush for better application and lessen the risk of staining your brushes.

Quality/Lasting Effect: As stated above, they take time to build up on your cheeks. However, I found that they were easy to blend and once they set, they stay on your cheeks for a long time. I wore them for about 12 hours. The blushes faded a little but the color and the effect was still visible. That’s still an impressive amount of time to hold out for blushes.


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