Boxy Charm Unboxing April 2015

cover pic

Hello everyone! Today, I have my last Boxy Charm! I will be unboxing for you in the video and I will have photos of all the products below the video. BoxyCharm is a beauty monthly subscription company. I highly recommend them. However, I have reached a point where I do not want to venture and find new cosmetics company through subscription boxes. My collection has grown quite big and I am satisfied with it. If I want something, then it will be specific and I will purchase that one and not from a subscription box. It’s been fun getting my Boxy Charm in the mail every month but all good things come to an end. But if you are interested in growing your collection and finding new cosmetics then I highly recommend BoxyCharm.

If you are interested in Boxy Charm then you can find them here.

Enjoy the video!

harvey prince mini roller fragrance

I already have this fragrance which I received from another subscription box that I was previously subscribed to. Nonetheless, I liked it and it now sits in my purse for when I forget to put on perfume in the morning.


So far, I like this one. I have yet to try it but it swatched well on my hand. However, I did not like the packaging. The compact felt cheap and as if it was made out of plastic.

Model co ultra shine lipgloss

A miss for me like all the other ModelCo products that have been sent to me through subscription boxes. The pigmentation is lacking. It looks like clear lip gloss on my hand and it is very VERY sticky.

coolway smoothing lotion

I’m interested in this one. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m open to it. I still have yet to find the perfect leave in conditioner.

coastal scents revealed 2 palette

This one surprised me the most. I wanted the Revealed 3 palette (and I still do) but I didn’t expect this one to be this gorgeous. The picture on the packaging doesn’t compare to seeing it in person which is ironic. Most cases, pictures are supposed to be emphasized and usually never as good as the actual thing in person but this one really surprised me.

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H&M Haul! Spring Clothes and Basics!

Hey guys! I went shopping…yes, I know. I’ve been shopping a lot but I did a major spring clean up with my closet. I had a lot of clothes that were just ratty and falling apart. I just needed to get some replacements for my basics and a couple of new clothes for spring. So here’s my haul from H&M. Enjoy!

Lavander Rose Macaron MOTD with the Too Face Sugar Pop Palette

Hey guys! Just sharing a nice romantic and spring makeup look with you that I created with the Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette. I have been obsessed with this palette especially since it has macarons in it! Anyways, enjoy!

lavander rose macaroons collage

cover pic

Too Faced Sugar Pop Lavander Rose Macaron MOTD

Please click on the collage to see the items in detail and to be redirected to where you can purchase it if you’d like.

Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette:
Strawberry Ice – Lid
Bubblegum – Crease and under bottom lash line
Sugared Violet – Outer crease & outer V
Blackberry – Just a few dabs over Sugared Violet
Rockcandy – Highlight and inner corner

Where would I wear this look?
Since I like fun looks, I would wear this out casually to the mall, dining out, strolls along the streets and park, etc.

If you changed the lip color to something more neutral, it would be a romantic look for a date during the spring and summer. This would have looked beautiful during Valentine’s Day but that has passed, so maybe next year.

Soooooo, what do you guys think? Have you tried the Too Faced Sugar Pop palette? How do you like it?

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Ulta Haul! Spring 2015

So for the last few months, I have been hauling quite a bit of stuff. Ulta kept sending those 20% off coupons every now and then. I couldn’t resist checking out what was new at Ulta and with 20% off, I just had to take advantage of that discount. So here is my cumulative ulta haul!

cover pic

Becca opal collage
I threw the box already because I kept coming back to it and using it. It’s so gorgeous! Swatching it is not enough. You guys have to try it on at Sephora on your skin or if your Ulta has it in their stores.

UD Solstice Collage
I got this based on bflyrenee’s recommendation. She featured it in her favorites. I was scared when I first swatched this at the store. It’s basically pressed glitter shadow. But the color combination of this shadow had so many possibilities. The base is a reddish-pink color topped with blue-green glitter and the swatch really was beautiful. The swatch in the picture doesn’t even compare to actually swatching it in person.

UD Naked flushed in naked collage
I decided to give this a chance again. I bought it before but in streak. The bronzer was too light for my complexion and I didn’t like the blush or highlight. However, I tried Naked in the store and it did compliment my skin tone so I decided try it out again. I was really disappointed when I had to return streak because of the portability of this palette.

benefit roller lash collage
Ahh yes, the mascara that everyone’s been talking about. I decided to finally give in to the hype just because I have loved all of the other benefit mascaras. I’m not going to say too much because I am doing a review on this soon enough. So stay tuned for that!

butter london trout pout
I hate spending a lot of money for nail polishes. I love wearing nail polish but my nails grow so fast that it’s hard to keep nail polish on my nails. I usually have to remove them after 5 days or even 3 sometimes. Plus my nails are naturally huge and I don’t cut them unless they’re super long, so it takes a lot of nail polish just to apply them all over my nails. This nail polish was $15 which is steep for what I usually like to pay for nail polish. I’ve had them on for about a week and half now and they definitely need to be redone already. They started chipping around the 5th day. However, the application process was easy, not streaky and only 2 coats. BUT what irks me the most about this nail polish is that 2 coats cost me almost half the bottle. It’s a great nail polish but I probably won’t be buying it by itself. I’ll wait until they have sets for a good deal.

batiste dry shampoo blush and floral essence
You guys will see this in my favorites for this month, so I won’t even talk about it too much except the fact that it’s absolutely AMAZING! They were having a buy one get one for 50% off, so I decided to grab these since I’ve been using up (and loving) my current one like crazy.

That’s pretty much it for this haul! I have a couple of more hauls on the way. I’m sorry if you don’t like hauls but there’s a lot of new spring stuff and it was my birthday last month so I have been shopping quite a lot the past month just because you get deals and coupons on your birthday. So watch out for those hauls!

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SugarPill Sparkle Baby Eye Makeup Tutorial! Spring Pastels! Collaboration with Whazzup Wasabi!

Hey guys! Not long ago, I posted my review for Sugar Pill’s Sparkle Baby Palette. Today, as promised, I am finally doing a tutorial on the look I came up with for the Sparkle Baby Palette. But it’s not just any tutorial, it is my very FIRST tutorial! Oh wait! There’s MORE! This tutorial is always a collaboration with my friend: Whazzup Wasabi.

We thought that my obsession with makeup and her hobby of making creative and trendy outfits would be a perfect fit for a fun collaboration. For our collaboration, we have decided on the theme: Spring Pastels. I have created playful look with the Sparkle Baby Palette to match the theme. Meanwhile, she put together outfits that will match the look and our theme. The tutorial and pictures will be posted on my blog for the makeup. However, you guys will also see a sneak peek of the outfits of her choice in this post!
Sparkle baby eye makeup collage

Close up full face

Enjoy the tutorial! There are probably lots of technical issues but it’s my first tutorial, so be nice please! Make sure to scroll down and see the a sneak peek of her outfits!

Here is a very cute sneak preview of what she created to match our theme.If you want to see all 5 outfits that she created for our collaboration, visit her blog here!

Flirty Tuck In

In case you are wondering, here are all the products used in my tutorial!

SugarPill Sparkle Baby Palette
Mac Brown Script
Mac Saddle
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eye liner in Black
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 0L
Tarte Light, Camera, Lashes Mascara

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey
Nars Orgasm/Laguna Bronzer duo
Ambient Lighting Palette
Anatasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Naughty Nude
Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Gold Pink

Sigma E55
Mac 217
It Cosmetics N105
Sigma E40
Crown Brush C476
Sigma E20

ColourPop Haul and Unboxing! Spring Edition!

Colourpop Cover pic

Spring is in full swing and ColourPop is in complete spring mode! Okay, lame intro but you get what I mean. ColourPop released a bunch of new colors and products for their spring collection and of course, I couldn’t resist checking them out which eventually led to a haul. Watch the video below to see me unboxing my package. THE SWATCHES WILL BE BELOW THE VIDEO. Enjoy!

I mentioned that these colors are aimed towards a pastel theme for spring but taking a closer look at them after swatching, I actually noticed that they were a bit darker than what people consider pastel. I think it was actually a brilliant idea for ColourPop to create the colors darker than light and subtle pastels. They were able to make them super pigmented. Unlike other companies that released pastel colors for the spring, the colors were not pigmented and they faded easily because they were very muted and light. Anyways, thanks for watching the video! Here are the swatches!

Blush duo collage

Thumper scared me when I first saw it because it was a lot brighter than I would have wanted but I tried it out and it was actually flattering on my cheeks. As for Rain, I could not ask for anything better! I’ve always wanted a purple eye shadow that actually stays purple when swatched or applied on the cheeks. I can’t wait to play with it!

Daddy collage

Snap Dragon collage

Taco Collage

First of all, I apologize for the quality of the pictures, my hand shook when I took them. So they’re a little blurry. Anyways, these eye shadows made my jaw drop. They really are special. I don’t know what it is but they seem more pigmented than usual for ColourPop eye shadows. I don’t know if ColourPop did something a little different to their formulation to amp but the color but HOLY CRAP these are OUT OF THIS WORLD pigmented! I have to remind myself to be careful when putting these as eye shadows or I’m gonna have to blend a lot!

Lippie stix collage

I almost thought that Julep was going to be red which disappointed but then I felt relieved after seeing the swatch. I love the color. It’s like a salmon orange color if that makes sense. Pepper turned out more of a barbie pink color which makes me nervous about how it’s going to look on my lips and with my complexion. Nevertheless, it’s still a beautiful color, I’m just not sure it’ll be for me. It’s hard to tell on the picture but there is a slight hint of a lavender color for Pepper. It’s not completely barbie pink. Heart On is exactly how I wanted it. It’s like a magenta color with some red tones in it. Absolutely my color and I can’t wait to wear it!

Thanks so much for reading my darlings! Until next time!

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Sugar Pill Sparkle Baby Palette Review and Swatches

Main Pic edit

Guess what?!?! It’s finally my review on Sugar Pill’s Sparkle Baby Palette! I featured this as one of March Favorites and now I’m going to tell you all about it! I almost did not get this palette because of the reviews from I’ve seen from Youtube and other social media sites. There were a lot of mixed reviews but the colors were so gorgeous, I couldn’t pass it up.

If you would like to browse around Sugar Pill’s website and goodies, then please click here.

I did like this palette but I don’t think it’s for everyone. It’s a wonderful and special palette but it has its flaws. If you do decide to get this or you have it, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend you wear it with a colored base (I found that it works well with a white base). Anyways, enjoy!

open palette edit

Kitten Paradise Collage

Frostine Collage

Candy Crush Collage

Hotsy Totsy Collage

Quality: Stay with me as I attempt to explain my thoughts on the quality of these shadows. All of shadows kind of have different strengths and weaknesses. I had no problem with Hotsy Totsy whatsoever. I love the color and the pigmentation. That’s probably the only weakness, too much pigmentation. The first time I put it on, I tapped my brush lightly on the shadow, put on crease and had to blend it out for a while because the pigmentation was just in your face. Kitten Parade was fine, average quality BUT it gave a lot of fallouts during application. Even with a light hand, I still found plenty of fallouts. That doesn’t really bother me too much. I did not mind cleaning it up but it just took more time to apply my makeup. Candy Crush and Frostine had quite a few flaws. The pigmentation was acceptable but they were difficult to blend and work with. You had to have a light hand or the color will fade away while blending. I didn’t like the finish for these two either. It made them very sheer and probably the reason why they kept fading while blending.

Pigmentation: The four of them had varying pigmentation. Please keep in mind that most of these are pastel/light colors. In all of the shadows that I have tried or owned, these are one of the most pigmentated so far. Candy Crush and Frostine were fine on pigmentation, not bad, not good. My issue with them was the finish. They were very sheer and with colors like these, they can fade really easily if touched. So when using your brush to apply these, have a gentle touch. Kitten Parade had good pigmentation but the sparkles in it gave fallouts during application. Hotsy Totsy’s pigmentation was phenomenal! I kid you not. When I was applying this, I was scared that I would apply too much. The swatch you provided in my pictures was done with one swipe and no baser or primer. I don’t know what they did to Hotsy Totsy. It feels different from all the others. It kind of looks like it has the same finish but then gain not. But it gave amazing pigmentation.

Wear Time: I wore all of the eye shadows together for about 10 hours. Frostine and Candy Crush’s color faded. They were still there but not very visible. Kitten Parade held out pretty well. I noticed that it faded a little but not too much. Hotsy Totsy looked exactly like it did that morning when I put it on. The wear time on Frostine and Candy Crush did not surprise me. From the beginning, they were pretty translucent and sheer. I could already tell that they were going to fade easily. However, their placement on my eye might have affected their wear time. I put Frostine as a highlight Candy Crush under my bottom lash line.

Price: The palette retails for $34 on Sugar Pill’s website. I almost did not want to include this section but I am anyways. For me this palette was worth it even with that price tag. I feel that people are either going to like this palette or they won’t. So if you’re thinking about purchasing this palette then be sure that you are willing to deal with all its imperfections. The palette contains 3.5g total of all the shadows. The shadows are a decent size. They’re definitely bigger than MAC eyeshadows for comparison.

I recommend this palette to: Anyone that wants to play around with pastel or light bright colored shadows. I also recommend it to makeup lovers that want something playful and unique in their collection. Even if the palette is not perfect, it still has a beautiful color selection.

I DO NOT recommend this to: People who do not have time clean lots of fallouts or spend time blending out these shadows. Also to those who love more neutrals and are just looking to spice up their collection with some color for spring and summer. There are other color palettes out there that will be easier to work with and compliment a more toned down look with some color.

Overall Thoughts: I still like the palette because of its uniqueness and the look I created with it (tutorial coming soon! Stay tuned!). Despite its flaws, I enjoy what it brought to my collection and I can’t wait to incorporate into other looks.

Will I order from SugarPill again? Absolutely! Based on my research, SugarPill fanatics believed that this palette did not quite live up other SugarPill palettes and shadows. If I managed to like this palette while other fanatics did not like it quite as much then I’m sure I’m going to love the other ones.