Color Smokey Eye Palette by Morphe Brushes Swatches

numbered palette edit

A few months ago, I raved about the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette for Morphe Brushes. I loved the quality of their shadows and they were affordable. After exploring their palette collection, I found myself drawn to their Color Smokey Eye Palette. So far, I’m loving this palette and I wanted to share with you my swatches for the palette. Enjoy!

If you would like to read a review on Morphe Brushes eye shadows then please click here to read my review on the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette. It will review the palette as well as the shadows themselves.

palette with mirror edit

The palette itself comes with a mirror of decent size which makes it very travel friendly.

Swatch 1 collage

Swatch 2 collage

Swatch 3 Collage

Swatch 4 Collage

Swatch 5 Collage

Swatch 6 Collage

Swatch 7 Collage

Overall Thoughts: I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking a colorful smokey palette. Even if you’re not and you’re just looking for more fun and bolder colors to spice up your collection then this is right here. This retails for $19.99 and holds 35 beautiful and pigment shadows. In my opinion, that is a fair price considering each shadow is about the size of MAC cosmetics eye shadows.


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