MAC is Beauty Haul! Swatches & Mini Review Included!

Mac is Beauty Haul Pic

Hey guys! I went to go check out the new MAC collection called MAC is Beauty. I have been keeping a close eye on this collection ever since I missed the Cinderella collection 😦 I fell in love with this collection when I saw all the beautiful pastels. So I made my trip to MAC and did a little hauling.

In this post, I will reveal my overall thoughts on the collection based on my trip at MAC and swatches for the products I hauled. Enjoy!

Copperthorn Collage

First up is a fluidline called Copperthorn. This color is so gorgeous. I wish my swatch was better but it’s a beautiful copper gold. It’s like the more glamorous version of Rubenesque.

Siahi Collage

Siahi also a fluidline and the purchase that I’m most excited about. This is not just an ordinary blue color like on the swatch. If I moved my hand around in this watch, flecks green would start to show and the color would look more turquoise. The lady at MAC said it reminded her of a peacock and she’s absolutely right. When I play around with this color, that’s exactly how I would describe it.

Call the hairdresser collage

I was debating between Call the Hairdresser! and Make Me Gorgeous but I went with this one because I thought it would suit my skin tone better. Make Me Gorgeous was just too loud and bright for me. I love my bolds and brights but I have to be careful with corals and oranges. They tend to not always agree with my skin tone. Call the Hairdresser! is like a pinky coral. It’s a very fun color for spring.

Divaish collage

Diva-ish was calling out to me right when I first saw the collection in person. I knew right away I was not walking out of that store without it. Diva-ish was described on the MAC website as an intense fuchsia but I feel like it’s more or a warm toned fuchsia. I love the color and the finish for this lipstick. It’s playful, fun, and it’s going to look great for the spring and summer.

Mac 275 brush

I totally got sweet talked into getting this brush but I used it this morning and I actually ended up loving it, so it might be a new favorite.

Thoughts on the Collection: I mentioned above that this collection is geared towards pastels and yet the colors I bought ended up being completely different colors from pastels. With that being said, I was actually disappointed in the collection. When I swatched the pastels that I wanted, they ended not swatching well. Even after playing around with them for a bit, I just couldn’t grow to love them. I really wanted Preening (green) and Wow Factor (lavender) eye shadows but the pigmentation was very poor. Yogurt (pale pink) showed up better than Wow Factor which was really disappointing. The same story goes for the lipsticks and lip glosses. When I swatched them, they just didn’t look as good as the color that I was looking at. The fluidlines had a beautiful array of colors. Most of which were unique but I was afraid that they will dry out too fast and decided to only get two. Overall, the pastels in this collection was a disappointment. But, I’m still satisfied with my purchase.


6 thoughts on “MAC is Beauty Haul! Swatches & Mini Review Included!

  1. Call the Hairdresser is beautiful! Also, what do you use that eyeshadow brush for? I have a sigma one that’s similar and don’t use it because honestly I’m not sure what to do with it!

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