ColourPop Haul and Unboxing! Spring Edition!

Colourpop Cover pic

Spring is in full swing and ColourPop is in complete spring mode! Okay, lame intro but you get what I mean. ColourPop released a bunch of new colors and products for their spring collection and of course, I couldn’t resist checking them out which eventually led to a haul. Watch the video below to see me unboxing my package. THE SWATCHES WILL BE BELOW THE VIDEO. Enjoy!

I mentioned that these colors are aimed towards a pastel theme for spring but taking a closer look at them after swatching, I actually noticed that they were a bit darker than what people consider pastel. I think it was actually a brilliant idea for ColourPop to create the colors darker than light and subtle pastels. They were able to make them super pigmented. Unlike other companies that released pastel colors for the spring, the colors were not pigmented and they faded easily because they were very muted and light. Anyways, thanks for watching the video! Here are the swatches!

Blush duo collage

Thumper scared me when I first saw it because it was a lot brighter than I would have wanted but I tried it out and it was actually flattering on my cheeks. As for Rain, I could not ask for anything better! I’ve always wanted a purple eye shadow that actually stays purple when swatched or applied on the cheeks. I can’t wait to play with it!

Daddy collage

Snap Dragon collage

Taco Collage

First of all, I apologize for the quality of the pictures, my hand shook when I took them. So they’re a little blurry. Anyways, these eye shadows made my jaw drop. They really are special. I don’t know what it is but they seem more pigmented than usual for ColourPop eye shadows. I don’t know if ColourPop did something a little different to their formulation to amp but the color but HOLY CRAP these are OUT OF THIS WORLD pigmented! I have to remind myself to be careful when putting these as eye shadows or I’m gonna have to blend a lot!

Lippie stix collage

I almost thought that Julep was going to be red which disappointed but then I felt relieved after seeing the swatch. I love the color. It’s like a salmon orange color if that makes sense. Pepper turned out more of a barbie pink color which makes me nervous about how it’s going to look on my lips and with my complexion. Nevertheless, it’s still a beautiful color, I’m just not sure it’ll be for me. It’s hard to tell on the picture but there is a slight hint of a lavender color for Pepper. It’s not completely barbie pink. Heart On is exactly how I wanted it. It’s like a magenta color with some red tones in it. Absolutely my color and I can’t wait to wear it!

Thanks so much for reading my darlings! Until next time!

As always,
Nicole ❤


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