Boxy Charm Unboxing April 2015

cover pic

Hello everyone! Today, I have my last Boxy Charm! I will be unboxing for you in the video and I will have photos of all the products below the video. BoxyCharm is a beauty monthly subscription company. I highly recommend them. However, I have reached a point where I do not want to venture and find new cosmetics company through subscription boxes. My collection has grown quite big and I am satisfied with it. If I want something, then it will be specific and I will purchase that one and not from a subscription box. It’s been fun getting my Boxy Charm in the mail every month but all good things come to an end. But if you are interested in growing your collection and finding new cosmetics then I highly recommend BoxyCharm.

If you are interested in Boxy Charm then you can find them here.

Enjoy the video!

harvey prince mini roller fragrance

I already have this fragrance which I received from another subscription box that I was previously subscribed to. Nonetheless, I liked it and it now sits in my purse for when I forget to put on perfume in the morning.


So far, I like this one. I have yet to try it but it swatched well on my hand. However, I did not like the packaging. The compact felt cheap and as if it was made out of plastic.

Model co ultra shine lipgloss

A miss for me like all the other ModelCo products that have been sent to me through subscription boxes. The pigmentation is lacking. It looks like clear lip gloss on my hand and it is very VERY sticky.

coolway smoothing lotion

I’m interested in this one. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m open to it. I still have yet to find the perfect leave in conditioner.

coastal scents revealed 2 palette

This one surprised me the most. I wanted the Revealed 3 palette (and I still do) but I didn’t expect this one to be this gorgeous. The picture on the packaging doesn’t compare to seeing it in person which is ironic. Most cases, pictures are supposed to be emphasized and usually never as good as the actual thing in person but this one really surprised me.

Thanks for stopping by! Catch you guys next time!

As always,
Nicole ❤


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