Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara Review

benefit roller lash collage

A few weeks ago, I did an Ulta haul. In that haul, I picked up the Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara. To be honest, when I first got this I was really skeptical. First of all, this is not the type of mascara that I would usually stray towards but I gave in because of all the hype and the fact that I love all the other mascaras from Benefit. So I wanted to see if this mascara lives up to its hype.

After wearing only this mascara for a week, I was hooked. At this point, I have been wearing this mascara for about a month and has been the only mascara I have worn all month long. I can honestly say that this mascara is now a holy grail product for me. NOW, just because I say that this is a holy grail FOR ME, doesn’t mean that it will be the same FOR YOU. The Roller Lash Mascara is a holy grail for me because it fulfills everything I want from a mascara but on an emphasized level, NOT because it lived up to its promises.

If you want to know more about my thoughts in detail for this product then keep reading.

What it’s Advertised to Do: The mascara is advertised mainly to curl, lift lashes and give a wide-eyed look. It was also stated that this mascara is meant to hold for 12 hours and contains vitamins that will condition the lashes. They also stated that you won’t need an eyelash curler when using this product.

Brush & Application: My picture does not show the brush well but you can take a closer look at it here. The brush was inspired by rollers but it reminds me more of a spiky hair brush. This brush is very slim. It’s definitely slimmer than any other mascaras I’ve had or tried and I do like it that way. I have short lashes and when a mascara brush is too fluffy or big, it becomes difficult to work with. But this brush made it a breeze to put on mascara especially for the lower lash line. The brush is slim and small, so it made it easy to coat even the shortest bits of my lashes. Also, because the bristles of the brush were spiky, it was really easy to separate my lashes with brush and probably the reason why there was no clumping. SO A+ for the brush!

My Experience with the Roller Lash Mascara and What it Did for my Lashes: During my first application, the first thing I noticed was how dark my lashes were and how long they got with just one coat. After the second coat, I noticed that my lashes were more lifted than they originally were. I also noticed a little more volume to my lashes. I got about the same results every time I have worn this mascara and I really like the results. It also lasts for quite a while. I didn’t time if it was for 12 hours but it definitely lasted well over 8 hours. Overall, this mascara lengthened and lifted my lashes, gave my eyes a wide-eyed look and added a little volume to my lashes.

Did it Live Up to Its Hype and Promises?: First of all, I just want to note that just like everyone’s hair is different, then lashes will too. Now that that’s out of the way, back to the mascara. For it’s promises, because of the length and lift that it gave me, I can definitely say that the promise of a wide-eyed look was achieved. It also lasted quite a while, so I would check off the whole 12 hour lasting effect. Now, the big main attraction for this mascara was if it curled and did it last? That would be a definite NO. For my experience, I didn’t really see it curl my lashes. I had long lasting lifted lashes but not curled lashes. In fact, this mascara lengthened my lashes more than it curled. Did it live up to its hype? Honestly, I’m not sure how to answer this one because people probably had varying experiences but I definitely think it’s worth the hype that it’s a good mascara but not for what it’s advertised as but like I said, everyone has different lashes, so your experience might be different than mine.

Why Do I LOVE This Mascara so Much?: My lashes have a natural lift to them but they’re not completely straight or curled either. They’re short and have quite a bit of volume to them. The main problem with them is that they’re short. I already have small eyes, dark circles and the occasional baggy eyes in the morning. Usually worse on busy weeks. This mascara give me A LOT of length, lift and wide awake look to my eyes which is exactly what I want for a mascara plus some volume and blackened lashes which just emphasizes my lashes more and makes my eyes look even more awake. So it might not have lived up to its promises but hey I’m okay with that as long as gives my lashes the look I want!

Anyways, thanks for reading!


As Always,
Nicole ❤


8 thoughts on “Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara Review

    • Good for you! I wish I had the sample version because it’s perfect for traveling. But I think they over reached with their promises for the product. Especially with the whole, you won’t need a curler with this mascara thing.

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    • Aww I’m sorry but that’s how I felt about the better than sex mascara. It was good but I kept getting really bad fallouts. I literally tried every tip I could find online to stop it but nothin worked 😦


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