No Buy Lip Products for 2016 Challenge!

lip sticks

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful new year! I for one am very excited to greet the year of 2016 with a no buy challenge for myself. It’s basically my new year’s resolution. This idea was inspired by the lovely blogger, Stash Matters. Her blog centers on treasuring her remarkable makeup collection and resisting the urge to add purchase new products. So make sure you check her out!

My No Buy Lip Product challenge is very similar to that idea. I am a crazy lip product junkie. My favorite makeup products are lipsticks and my lipstick collection has just gotten out of hand. So I decided not to buy any lip products for 2016 starting January 1st. I won’t even allow myself to buy chapstick because I’m pretty sure, I have enough lying around to last a year.

Every month, I pledge to create a significant post concerning any of my lip products. I might even make more than one post a month depending on my schedule but I don’t want to promise any more than that just in case.

I’m really excited to see how well I do on this challenge and how much money it’ll save me. I’ll have updates every now and then about how I’m doing for this challenge. Thanks so much reading!

Until next time!

As Always,
Nicole ❤


4 thoughts on “No Buy Lip Products for 2016 Challenge!

  1. This is amazing! So happy that I inspired you to take this plunge!
    I think lip products are one of the toughest beauty products to manage – so many finishes, colours, brands – but they go bad so quickly compared to other products! I myself have to do a lot of purging of old lipsticks – such a waste really since so many are hardly used.
    I agree about the chapstick comment – I honestly have enough lip balms to last me the next 3 years straight, no exaggeration!
    Good luck to you on your challenge! I look forward to reading updates. 🙂

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    • Thanks! It’s true though. I have so many lip products that have barely even been touched. I look forward to finally using and focusing on them since I’m not going to buying any new ones this year.


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