Cumulative Sephora Haul 2015

Cover Pic

For about half the year, I’ve been meaning to do this haul but kept putting it off. Now I’m finally doing it. So just be warned: I have a lot of stuff that I purchased from Sephora. I did not purchase this all at once. This is a very cumulative haul.

Anyways, I’m just gonna get into it and hope you guys enjoy. Please let me know if you are interested in a review for specific items.

clinique lip pop and cheek pop
swatches clinique

Clinique came out with their lip and cheek pop a while ago and I’ve been dying to try them. I finally picked some up over the summer. They are worth definitely worth the hype. Wow pop is a beautiful color specially over the summer but I would still wear it since it’s still been sunny. The lip pop is very creamy and pigmented. But it grips my lip nicely and stays on all day. Fig Pop looks coral on the swatch but it actually has some red-pink tones to it. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it’s still going to look great even after summer. The red-pink tones make it wearable for all seasons. Pansy Pop is more of a lavender color even though it looks pink in the swatch. This would look amazing on people that have fair skin tones but it can still look great on people with darker skin tones but it’ll take a while to build it up on the cheeks. It actually looks better now that it’s fall on my skin tones because I pair it with either a dark red, berry or purple lip color and it gives me such a beautiful fall look.


I got Sephora’s newest blush collection in Love at First Sight. Despite what it appears on the picture, this blush is pink with peach undertones. It’s basically an everyday easy to wear blush color for me. I just wanted to try it out after hearing great thing about it. I’m glad I did because it’s a great blush for a reasonable price tag. It’s pigmented, blendable, and light-weight. I also the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight. I find it weird that a highlight can be Matte but I wore this and it actually does kind of look matte. It’s really weird especially when I wear matte foundation with it. It’s a beautiful highlight that makes me look like I have a glow or the light is just hitting my face but I still look matte. Does any of this make sense?

lip sticks

I didn’t swatch these because I am planning to do something big about lip products. So I will have swatches for these soon, so watch out for a big announcement about lip products. But I will still name these (from left to right) Marc Jacobs Long Wear Lip Pencil in Primrose, Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Bow n Arrow, Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Beloved

born this way tf foundation

I just recently got this. I’ve been wanting it since it first came out but I wanted to finish some of my foundations first. So now I finally have it! This is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and I am in the color Sand. I’m not gonna say much about it. I plan to do a review in the future. I’m just gonna leave it at the fact that I like it.

anastasia palette

I saved the best for last! This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveler Palette! I’ve been seeing so many beautiful and edgy looks with this that I had to have it myself and make my own edgy and fun looks. What I love the most about it is that you can still create neutral everyday looks but also make crazy, bold, fun looks or have a pop of color and still keep it neutral. Definitely excited to play around with this more.

Alright, you guys made it! I hope you enjoyed my haul! Let me know if you want more info on anything I just hauled.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Nicole ❤


Gerard Cosmetics Haul September 2015

packaging all together

Hello everyone! Today, I have a mini Gerard Cosmetics Haul. These are the first products that I’ve ever purchased from Gerard Cosmetics, so I’m super psyched to try them. I did get these a while ago, maybe a month ago. So you might notice that one of them is actually in my favorites from last month. But I still wanted to show you guys this haul because I’ve heard so many great things about these lip glosses and I can’t wait to finally try them myself.

Tip of the day! Of course, I have to have one. I can’t really remember who told me this but someone told me that if you want to buy these lip glosses, don’t buy them full price. It took me a while before I finally decided to try these out and whoever told me that was right. GC has a different sale every week and usually these are in a pack together when they go on sale but they are $10. So just wait until you find a sale that you like and then get these lip glosses.’

Anyways! On to the haul! These are Color Your Smile Lip Glosses.


I had to show you guys the box even if it’s not an unboxing because let’s face it, their packaging is gorgeous! It’s so sleek, clean and classy! I’m not just talking about the box. I’m also talking about the packaging for lip glosses too!

Alright! Here they are! My picture taking skills were nonexistent this day, so please bear with me. From left to right: Salmon >> Buttercream >> Wild Orchid >> Jewel >> Rose Hill.

5 lipglosses

lipgloss tube mirror

So it does come with a mirror which is very convenient and it also comes with a built in light for when try to put on lip gloss in the dark.

light up

I have mixed feelings about the lights. I like the idea because it is convenient when you’re out at night and you’re trying to retouch your lip gloss. You won’t have to sneak away to the bathroom to see if you’re putting on your lip gloss on your lips. But then again, during daytime, I find the lights distracting. When I put this on in the morning, I tend to panic when I see that the color looks a lot different because the light is shining on it and it makes the color look different. But after you put it down, then you can see the actual color. To me, I really could have done without the lights. It’s a great idea but it’s a little gimmicky to me.

Anyways, thank you so much for stopping by!

I’ll catch you guys next time!

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Ulta Haul! Spring 2015

So for the last few months, I have been hauling quite a bit of stuff. Ulta kept sending those 20% off coupons every now and then. I couldn’t resist checking out what was new at Ulta and with 20% off, I just had to take advantage of that discount. So here is my cumulative ulta haul!

cover pic

Becca opal collage
I threw the box already because I kept coming back to it and using it. It’s so gorgeous! Swatching it is not enough. You guys have to try it on at Sephora on your skin or if your Ulta has it in their stores.

UD Solstice Collage
I got this based on bflyrenee’s recommendation. She featured it in her favorites. I was scared when I first swatched this at the store. It’s basically pressed glitter shadow. But the color combination of this shadow had so many possibilities. The base is a reddish-pink color topped with blue-green glitter and the swatch really was beautiful. The swatch in the picture doesn’t even compare to actually swatching it in person.

UD Naked flushed in naked collage
I decided to give this a chance again. I bought it before but in streak. The bronzer was too light for my complexion and I didn’t like the blush or highlight. However, I tried Naked in the store and it did compliment my skin tone so I decided try it out again. I was really disappointed when I had to return streak because of the portability of this palette.

benefit roller lash collage
Ahh yes, the mascara that everyone’s been talking about. I decided to finally give in to the hype just because I have loved all of the other benefit mascaras. I’m not going to say too much because I am doing a review on this soon enough. So stay tuned for that!

butter london trout pout
I hate spending a lot of money for nail polishes. I love wearing nail polish but my nails grow so fast that it’s hard to keep nail polish on my nails. I usually have to remove them after 5 days or even 3 sometimes. Plus my nails are naturally huge and I don’t cut them unless they’re super long, so it takes a lot of nail polish just to apply them all over my nails. This nail polish was $15 which is steep for what I usually like to pay for nail polish. I’ve had them on for about a week and half now and they definitely need to be redone already. They started chipping around the 5th day. However, the application process was easy, not streaky and only 2 coats. BUT what irks me the most about this nail polish is that 2 coats cost me almost half the bottle. It’s a great nail polish but I probably won’t be buying it by itself. I’ll wait until they have sets for a good deal.

batiste dry shampoo blush and floral essence
You guys will see this in my favorites for this month, so I won’t even talk about it too much except the fact that it’s absolutely AMAZING! They were having a buy one get one for 50% off, so I decided to grab these since I’ve been using up (and loving) my current one like crazy.

That’s pretty much it for this haul! I have a couple of more hauls on the way. I’m sorry if you don’t like hauls but there’s a lot of new spring stuff and it was my birthday last month so I have been shopping quite a lot the past month just because you get deals and coupons on your birthday. So watch out for those hauls!

Thanks for stopping by, until next time!

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ColourPop Haul and Unboxing! Spring Edition!

Colourpop Cover pic

Spring is in full swing and ColourPop is in complete spring mode! Okay, lame intro but you get what I mean. ColourPop released a bunch of new colors and products for their spring collection and of course, I couldn’t resist checking them out which eventually led to a haul. Watch the video below to see me unboxing my package. THE SWATCHES WILL BE BELOW THE VIDEO. Enjoy!

I mentioned that these colors are aimed towards a pastel theme for spring but taking a closer look at them after swatching, I actually noticed that they were a bit darker than what people consider pastel. I think it was actually a brilliant idea for ColourPop to create the colors darker than light and subtle pastels. They were able to make them super pigmented. Unlike other companies that released pastel colors for the spring, the colors were not pigmented and they faded easily because they were very muted and light. Anyways, thanks for watching the video! Here are the swatches!

Blush duo collage

Thumper scared me when I first saw it because it was a lot brighter than I would have wanted but I tried it out and it was actually flattering on my cheeks. As for Rain, I could not ask for anything better! I’ve always wanted a purple eye shadow that actually stays purple when swatched or applied on the cheeks. I can’t wait to play with it!

Daddy collage

Snap Dragon collage

Taco Collage

First of all, I apologize for the quality of the pictures, my hand shook when I took them. So they’re a little blurry. Anyways, these eye shadows made my jaw drop. They really are special. I don’t know what it is but they seem more pigmented than usual for ColourPop eye shadows. I don’t know if ColourPop did something a little different to their formulation to amp but the color but HOLY CRAP these are OUT OF THIS WORLD pigmented! I have to remind myself to be careful when putting these as eye shadows or I’m gonna have to blend a lot!

Lippie stix collage

I almost thought that Julep was going to be red which disappointed but then I felt relieved after seeing the swatch. I love the color. It’s like a salmon orange color if that makes sense. Pepper turned out more of a barbie pink color which makes me nervous about how it’s going to look on my lips and with my complexion. Nevertheless, it’s still a beautiful color, I’m just not sure it’ll be for me. It’s hard to tell on the picture but there is a slight hint of a lavender color for Pepper. It’s not completely barbie pink. Heart On is exactly how I wanted it. It’s like a magenta color with some red tones in it. Absolutely my color and I can’t wait to wear it!

Thanks so much for reading my darlings! Until next time!

As always,
Nicole ❤

MAC is Beauty Haul! Swatches & Mini Review Included!

Mac is Beauty Haul Pic

Hey guys! I went to go check out the new MAC collection called MAC is Beauty. I have been keeping a close eye on this collection ever since I missed the Cinderella collection 😦 I fell in love with this collection when I saw all the beautiful pastels. So I made my trip to MAC and did a little hauling.

In this post, I will reveal my overall thoughts on the collection based on my trip at MAC and swatches for the products I hauled. Enjoy!

Copperthorn Collage

First up is a fluidline called Copperthorn. This color is so gorgeous. I wish my swatch was better but it’s a beautiful copper gold. It’s like the more glamorous version of Rubenesque.

Siahi Collage

Siahi also a fluidline and the purchase that I’m most excited about. This is not just an ordinary blue color like on the swatch. If I moved my hand around in this watch, flecks green would start to show and the color would look more turquoise. The lady at MAC said it reminded her of a peacock and she’s absolutely right. When I play around with this color, that’s exactly how I would describe it.

Call the hairdresser collage

I was debating between Call the Hairdresser! and Make Me Gorgeous but I went with this one because I thought it would suit my skin tone better. Make Me Gorgeous was just too loud and bright for me. I love my bolds and brights but I have to be careful with corals and oranges. They tend to not always agree with my skin tone. Call the Hairdresser! is like a pinky coral. It’s a very fun color for spring.

Divaish collage

Diva-ish was calling out to me right when I first saw the collection in person. I knew right away I was not walking out of that store without it. Diva-ish was described on the MAC website as an intense fuchsia but I feel like it’s more or a warm toned fuchsia. I love the color and the finish for this lipstick. It’s playful, fun, and it’s going to look great for the spring and summer.

Mac 275 brush

I totally got sweet talked into getting this brush but I used it this morning and I actually ended up loving it, so it might be a new favorite.

Thoughts on the Collection: I mentioned above that this collection is geared towards pastels and yet the colors I bought ended up being completely different colors from pastels. With that being said, I was actually disappointed in the collection. When I swatched the pastels that I wanted, they ended not swatching well. Even after playing around with them for a bit, I just couldn’t grow to love them. I really wanted Preening (green) and Wow Factor (lavender) eye shadows but the pigmentation was very poor. Yogurt (pale pink) showed up better than Wow Factor which was really disappointing. The same story goes for the lipsticks and lip glosses. When I swatched them, they just didn’t look as good as the color that I was looking at. The fluidlines had a beautiful array of colors. Most of which were unique but I was afraid that they will dry out too fast and decided to only get two. Overall, the pastels in this collection was a disappointment. But, I’m still satisfied with my purchase.