Red, Green and Gold! Christmas Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Happy Holidays everyone! I just wanted to share a quick Christmas inspired makeup look. I hope you guys like! Enjoy!

Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadow in Karma – All over the lid
Makeup Geek Eye Shadow in Chickadee – On the crease and little bit above the crease.
Makeup Geek Eye Shadow in Bitten – Outer V and 1/3 on the lid
Makeup Geek Eye Shadow in Dirty Martini – 1/3 on the inner lid and tearduct. Under the eyes.
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and Marc Jacobs Omega Mascara – On my lashes.


Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Hydrating Primer
Too Faced Born this Way Foundation in Sand
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Medium/Deep
Mac Blush in Melba
Laura Geller Baked Highlighter in French Vanilla
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Sandstorm as Setting Powder

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Gothica

Have a very Merry Chrismas! Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time!

As Always,

Nicole ❤


Makeup Geek Haul! Quick First Impressions!

Cover pic
Guess who’s back?!?! ME!!! Okay take a seat and settle down people. I’m going to tell you a story about my crazy awful week from last week. So basically it was midterms week and I wanted to study right?! Like that’s what we’re supposed to do during midterms (does that actually happen?). Anyways, for some reason, there were all these other events that were stacked right on top and midterms week that I just couldn’t get out of, unfortunately. SO, I pretty much ended up going crazy last week. Worst of all, I was away from the blogging community and didn’t have time to make any posts (sad face here). Tragic, I know! BUT I am back! I have a week and a half’s worth of posts to read but I CAN’T WAIT to see what you guys have been up to. AND! Can you tell how excited I am? I have a Makeup Geek Haul for you guys! Okay so my pics are crap. I’m slowly recovering from last week and getting back into things but for now you’re gonna to deal with these pics. Anyway, story time’s over, enjoy my haul! Swatches will be coming! I wanted to do on my actual review for these products not on this one. So stay tuned for that!

vegas light collage

First we have the Vegas Lights Palette! This is a gorgeous palette with breathtaking colors but I don’t like how things can get messy fast. I swatched around the palette if you can tell by the mess I made, some of the shadows were powdery. The shadows were buttery and soft but you can make a mess easily with these. I love the packaging but I can already tell that it’s going to be a messy palette. I can’t say much other than. I have yet to try the palette out, so stay tuned for my review.


So for this one, I’m doing a first impression on the Z-palette that I also purchased from Makeup Geek. We’ll get to the shadows later, don’t worry! I like the palette and the design. It seem sturdy and easy to use but I’ll have to put it to the test. From what I hear about Z-palettes, they’re supposed to be versatile and travel friendly. So I’ll have to place it in my purse of DOOM to see if it lives up to the hype.


Okay! We’re on to the shadows! Yeah, I know you scrolled all the way down just to see this. I will just give a brief review and first impression. I have swatched and tried everything on this palette except for the foiled shadows: Caitlin Rose and High Wire. So I’ll start with that since I’ve only swatched them. One word: beautiful! It was pigmented, soft, and buttery. But I haven’t tried it on lids yet, so I’ll have to wait on a full review until I actually do try them out. The blush is stunning. It’s a universal color and it looks super natural on the skin. So, if you want to get a blush from Makeup Geek and you don’t own any, get this one because it will look good on anyone. Okay…so before I get into this. Please REMEMBER this is a first impression. I’ve only played with them a couple times and this is my own opinion. So far, to me these shadows did not live up to their hype which is disappointing BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t like them and I think they’re a complete failure. NO. They are good eye shadows but I don’t think they’re these super awesome, best eye shadow of all time type of shadows that people have hyped them up to be. They are definitely pigmented. The best performing shadows for me so far are creme brulee, unexpected, and mocha. These were soft and easy to blend. The reason why these were the best was because they weren’t as dry as the other ones. All these shadows except for the foiled shadows, had a weird dry texture to them. The three that I liked the most were the least dry. Frappe was good too but it was most dry than the others. Barcelona Beach and Duchess felt very dry. So why is that a problem? When you start digging your brushes into them, they start feeling powdery the more dry they are. When I started blending, I had a really hard time with the shadows the more powdery they were. Sometimes, it even made my eye makeup muddy. As for the wear time, it was great. I wore it for a full day and it definitely stayed. I think these shadows just take some getting used to. I’ll keep you guys updated on what happens with these.

Well that’s pretty much it! Hope you guys enjoyed my haul/first impressions.

Thanks for stopping by!

As Always,
Nicole ❤

Color Smokey Eye Palette by Morphe Brushes Swatches

numbered palette edit

A few months ago, I raved about the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette for Morphe Brushes. I loved the quality of their shadows and they were affordable. After exploring their palette collection, I found myself drawn to their Color Smokey Eye Palette. So far, I’m loving this palette and I wanted to share with you my swatches for the palette. Enjoy!

If you would like to read a review on Morphe Brushes eye shadows then please click here to read my review on the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette. It will review the palette as well as the shadows themselves.

palette with mirror edit

The palette itself comes with a mirror of decent size which makes it very travel friendly.

Swatch 1 collage

Swatch 2 collage

Swatch 3 Collage

Swatch 4 Collage

Swatch 5 Collage

Swatch 6 Collage

Swatch 7 Collage

Overall Thoughts: I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking a colorful smokey palette. Even if you’re not and you’re just looking for more fun and bolder colors to spice up your collection then this is right here. This retails for $19.99 and holds 35 beautiful and pigment shadows. In my opinion, that is a fair price considering each shadow is about the size of MAC cosmetics eye shadows.

Jaclyn Hill Favorites MorpheBrushes Palette Review

So lately I’ve been into indie makeup or small online makeup companies. I’ve found so many new great makeup companies and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Today, I’m going to share my experience with MorpheBrushes eyeshadows. Back in January, Jaclyn Hill released a palette with MorpheBrushes containing her favorite eyeshadows from MorpheBrushes. UNFORTUNATELY, this palette is SOLD OUT. So why am I reviewing a palette that’s sold out? No, it’s not because I’m gloating that I was able to get one. Since it’s her favorite eyeshadows from MorpheBrushes, these shadows are still available just not in one palette. I am doing this review to inform you guys about the quality of MorpheBrushes eyeshadows. These shadows are not something you can buy at your local drugstore or makeup counter. No, they are exclusive online which means that you cannot try them out in a makeup counter.

BUT! Don’t worry! I have swatches and have played around with them enough to give you guys my opinion and experience with these eyeshadows! Enjoy! Click here for their website! Click here for Jaclyn Hill’s YouTube channel.


The numbers will correspond with the swatches.

The numbers will correspond with the swatches.

Column 1: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 1: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 2: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 2: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 3: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 3: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 4: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 4: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 5: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 5: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 6: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 6: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 7: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 7: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom


Packing: The box that it came in was pretty and classic. The palette is self looks like any other palettes for MorpheBrushes. It’s black with the MorpheBrushes logo. The palette is made out of plastic and feels very light. The palette is also very thin, so it is convenient to store. I don’t have much complaints about the packaging for the price I got it for. I like the style of it, the shadows are securely in place and it’s easy to store.

Price: I believe the price was $28 which is amazing considering there’s 28 eyeshadows in here! That’s a dollar for each shadow and they are about the size of Mac eyeshadows.

Color Variety: These are Jaclyn Hill’s favorites, so it wasn’t surprising that it was filled with warm and neutral colors. I would have loved to see more bright pop colors. I felt that some of the neutral colors were almost exactly the same. Maybe they were off by a shade or hue or different texture. Yes, it does make a difference but it would have been nice to have more pop colors. Overall, I still like the colors provided. Neutral and warm colors are always easily wearable. In other words, I’ll be reaching for this palette alot.

Quality/Pigmentation: Yes, you’ve been waiting for this. First of all, the eyeshadows in this palette are ALL pigmented. I have to say that some are more pigmented than others but that doesn’t mean they are not pigmented. They are also very buttery, soft, and bendable. I did notice fallouts after I applied it but that may just be my application methods. Not that big of a problem considering I put my eyeshadow on then concealer to cover up the fallouts. Overall amazing quality and pigmentation.

Lasting Effect: These eyeshadows are definitely long lasting. I had a really busy day and remembered wearing colors from this palette. I went to school, work, ran errands, came home to eat dinner and spend time with my boyfriend, did homework and then I looked in the mirror around 1:00 AM. I was blown away when I saw that my eyeshadow looked as good as it did when I put it on that morning. It seriously did not move. There were no signs of fallouts, no fading in my lids, nothing. Phenomenal lasting effect!

Overall Thoughts: Isn’t obvious already? I love this palette and I will probably be using it often. I can’t wait to check out more of their eyeshadow palette. I have my eye out on their Color Smokey Eye and It’s Bling Eye Shadow Palette. I will keep you updated!

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

As Always,