Cumulative Sephora Haul 2015

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For about half the year, I’ve been meaning to do this haul but kept putting it off. Now I’m finally doing it. So just be warned: I have a lot of stuff that I purchased from Sephora. I did not purchase this all at once. This is a very cumulative haul.

Anyways, I’m just gonna get into it and hope you guys enjoy. Please let me know if you are interested in a review for specific items.

clinique lip pop and cheek pop
swatches clinique

Clinique came out with their lip and cheek pop a while ago and I’ve been dying to try them. I finally picked some up over the summer. They are worth definitely worth the hype. Wow pop is a beautiful color specially over the summer but I would still wear it since it’s still been sunny. The lip pop is very creamy and pigmented. But it grips my lip nicely and stays on all day. Fig Pop looks coral on the swatch but it actually has some red-pink tones to it. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it’s still going to look great even after summer. The red-pink tones make it wearable for all seasons. Pansy Pop is more of a lavender color even though it looks pink in the swatch. This would look amazing on people that have fair skin tones but it can still look great on people with darker skin tones but it’ll take a while to build it up on the cheeks. It actually looks better now that it’s fall on my skin tones because I pair it with either a dark red, berry or purple lip color and it gives me such a beautiful fall look.


I got Sephora’s newest blush collection in Love at First Sight. Despite what it appears on the picture, this blush is pink with peach undertones. It’s basically an everyday easy to wear blush color for me. I just wanted to try it out after hearing great thing about it. I’m glad I did because it’s a great blush for a reasonable price tag. It’s pigmented, blendable, and light-weight. I also the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight. I find it weird that a highlight can be Matte but I wore this and it actually does kind of look matte. It’s really weird especially when I wear matte foundation with it. It’s a beautiful highlight that makes me look like I have a glow or the light is just hitting my face but I still look matte. Does any of this make sense?

lip sticks

I didn’t swatch these because I am planning to do something big about lip products. So I will have swatches for these soon, so watch out for a big announcement about lip products. But I will still name these (from left to right) Marc Jacobs Long Wear Lip Pencil in Primrose, Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Bow n Arrow, Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Beloved

born this way tf foundation

I just recently got this. I’ve been wanting it since it first came out but I wanted to finish some of my foundations first. So now I finally have it! This is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and I am in the color Sand. I’m not gonna say much about it. I plan to do a review in the future. I’m just gonna leave it at the fact that I like it.

anastasia palette

I saved the best for last! This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveler Palette! I’ve been seeing so many beautiful and edgy looks with this that I had to have it myself and make my own edgy and fun looks. What I love the most about it is that you can still create neutral everyday looks but also make crazy, bold, fun looks or have a pop of color and still keep it neutral. Definitely excited to play around with this more.

Alright, you guys made it! I hope you enjoyed my haul! Let me know if you want more info on anything I just hauled.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Tarte Holidaze Collector’s Set & Portable Palette Unboxing and First Impressions


Hey guys! Just a quick first impression/unboxing post. A package from Tarte Cosmetics came today and I was so extremely excited at what’s inside the box that I decided to share it with you guys. I got the Home for the Holidaze Collector’s Set & Portable Palette! Tarte had a similar product like this last year during the Holidays and I didn’t get it when I had the chance. For the whole year, I was kicking myself for not getting the set. But they released another version of it this year and I am definitely not missing out on it.

This set is now available on the Tart Cosmetics website and also at Macy’s.

Processed with VSCOcam with k3 preset

Here’s the box or packing around the product. It’s pretty standard for a holiday makeup product but I like it. The color scheme is festive and gaudy as it should be.


It comes with a travel size version of Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara and a travel size version of their Lip Surgence in the color Ravishing. Last but not the least, yes if you guys haven’t noticed yet, that is an empty palette. You can take the eye shadow and blush set and place them into the empty palette then interchange them as you desire. That’s the whole reason why I was so disappointed when I didn’t get this palette because of the whole interchangeable travel size palette. It’s a wonderful idea of a holiday palette. It’s very convenient and with events that might spontaneously occur out of nowhere as we approach the holidays, you might just need to take your makeup up a notch and this palette can come in handy for those types of situations.

Normally, I wouldn’t purchase products like these just because the colors are very standard and plain. Don’t get me wrong, they’re beautiful but they’re common neutrals and staples. This set contains browns, plums, taupe, and of course a smoky set of quads which is actually all the staples for fall, winter and the holidays. So with this set, I’m set to go for the rest of the season. The blushes are also really beautiful. Most of these would look beautiful on any skin tone.

Overall, I’m really excited about the palette! I can’t wait to play around with it and switch the quads around when I need to!

Thanks for reading! I’ll catch you guys next time!

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Fyrinnae Eye Shadows Review & Swatches

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share with you another indie makeup company! I’m especially psyched to share this with you since it is my favorite indie makeup company so far. That honor goes to none other than Fyrinnae!

Fyrinnae is a small and special indie makeup company. They create vegan and cruelty free products for all of us makeup obsessed to lovers to enjoy. You can read more about their company and standards in the Fyrinnae About Us page!

If you want to skip to the review, it will be below the pictures.

I purchased seven eye shadows total and received one free eye shadow sample. Here are the swatches for the eye I have purchased and sampled.

Shenanigans, Enchanting Otters, Bonfire Spirits, Purgatory, Knickers in a Twist, Serene Highness, Freya and Conjured Tempest

Eyeshadows Grouped Edited 3.9.15

Edited Eyeshadow Swatches 3.9.15

Eyeshadow Swatches 3.9.15

Eyeshadow Swatches Knickers in a Twist and Serene Highness 3.9.15

Eyeshadow Swatches Freya and Conjured Tempest 3.9.15


Quality & Pigmentation: Despite them being loose shadows, I found these eye shadows easy to work with. They were blendable and easy to apply. I found some fall outs during the application but that’s to be expected since they are loose shadows or maybe I’m just an eye shadow bully. I suggest putting on your concealer after your eye makeup is done. Other than that, I had no problems with fallouts throught the day. As for the pigmentation, the swatches speak for themselves in other words amazing!

Lasting Effect: I thought that these held out pretty well. I wore for 12 hours and saw some fading on my lid but not too much. My eye makeup was still pretty defined. You can wear them wet with a MAC Fix Plus or something equivalent to that to make them stay on longer and have a beautiful foiled effect.

Price: The price was definitely reasonable. Each shadow comes in two sizes: Full and Mini. Most of their mini’s cost around $2.75 which contain 1/4 tsp of eye shadow and Full sizes around $6.75 which contain 3 grams of densely packed eye shadow. Prices may vary depending on the eye shadow itself but the prices are usually not much higher than what I stated above. Usually arcane magic eye shadows cost more but then again can you blame them?! They are gorgeous! You can read more about the amount of eye shadows you get for the Full and Mini in their FAQ page. Trust me, the Mini can last you a while. Their shadows are highly pigmented and you won’t need a lot of eye shadow to get the color to show up. I plan to only purchase the full size for my favorites like Serene Highness. Overall, the price is a good price point. You get a lot for what you pay for and it’s inexpensive!

Color Variety: I was overwhelmed when I first visited their site. I had to comb through the colors piece by piece to make sure I didn’t miss my possible favorites. They have a VERY wide variety of UNIQUE colors. There’s something in there collection for everyone even if you’re not a shimmery eye shadow type of person, you’ll still find something there. They have some eye shadows that are not as shimmery and closer to matte textures available.

Process Time: Please note that if you are new (like me, I’m learning) to indie cosmetics, their process time is usually longer than streamlined cosmetics companies. I’ve learned that most indie cosmetics usually have a process time around 10 business days. Some companies may have a lower process time. However, it can also be due to a long order queue. As for Fyrinnae, their maximum process time should be never more than 15 days (thank you M.atFyrinnae). This is consistent with my experience. I believe my order shipped out within a week to a week and a half which is about 7-10 business day. To me, that still seems long. I’m just not the patient type especially when I’m excited to receive makeup. BUT, I guarantee that it is worth the wait!

Overall Thoughts: Well by now, you can guess that I’m absolutely in love and obsessed with Fyrinnae! I already put in a new order. I also ordered their pixie Epoxy. More on that later when I receive it. Their process and shipping time is LONG but I’m willing to wait for such beautiful eyeshadows!

ColourPop Day! MOTD

ColourPop Day! MOTDColour Pop Day Eyeshadow


  • Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Black
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in 0
  • Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara
  • ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in I Heart This: Crease
  • ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Envy: Lid
  • Lorac Pro Palette in Taupe and Cream: Taupe for transition and Cream for highlight and inner corners


  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette: I used Banana to set my concealer and Fawn to Contour.
  • NARS Total Domination Palette: I used Laguna Bronzer and Deep Throat Blush.
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette: I used Incandescent Light to highlight my face and Radiant light to set my makeup.


  • Bite Beauty Line and Define Lip Primer: Use it before putting on any makeup to give it time to set.
  • Lip Pencil in Grind
  • Lippie Stix in Flawless

Thanks for reading!

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Jaclyn Hill Favorites MorpheBrushes Palette Review

So lately I’ve been into indie makeup or small online makeup companies. I’ve found so many new great makeup companies and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Today, I’m going to share my experience with MorpheBrushes eyeshadows. Back in January, Jaclyn Hill released a palette with MorpheBrushes containing her favorite eyeshadows from MorpheBrushes. UNFORTUNATELY, this palette is SOLD OUT. So why am I reviewing a palette that’s sold out? No, it’s not because I’m gloating that I was able to get one. Since it’s her favorite eyeshadows from MorpheBrushes, these shadows are still available just not in one palette. I am doing this review to inform you guys about the quality of MorpheBrushes eyeshadows. These shadows are not something you can buy at your local drugstore or makeup counter. No, they are exclusive online which means that you cannot try them out in a makeup counter.

BUT! Don’t worry! I have swatches and have played around with them enough to give you guys my opinion and experience with these eyeshadows! Enjoy! Click here for their website! Click here for Jaclyn Hill’s YouTube channel.


The numbers will correspond with the swatches.

The numbers will correspond with the swatches.

Column 1: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 1: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 2: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 2: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 3: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 3: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 4: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 4: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 5: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 5: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 6: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 6: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 7: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom

Column 7: Colors correspond right to left, top to bottom


Packing: The box that it came in was pretty and classic. The palette is self looks like any other palettes for MorpheBrushes. It’s black with the MorpheBrushes logo. The palette is made out of plastic and feels very light. The palette is also very thin, so it is convenient to store. I don’t have much complaints about the packaging for the price I got it for. I like the style of it, the shadows are securely in place and it’s easy to store.

Price: I believe the price was $28 which is amazing considering there’s 28 eyeshadows in here! That’s a dollar for each shadow and they are about the size of Mac eyeshadows.

Color Variety: These are Jaclyn Hill’s favorites, so it wasn’t surprising that it was filled with warm and neutral colors. I would have loved to see more bright pop colors. I felt that some of the neutral colors were almost exactly the same. Maybe they were off by a shade or hue or different texture. Yes, it does make a difference but it would have been nice to have more pop colors. Overall, I still like the colors provided. Neutral and warm colors are always easily wearable. In other words, I’ll be reaching for this palette alot.

Quality/Pigmentation: Yes, you’ve been waiting for this. First of all, the eyeshadows in this palette are ALL pigmented. I have to say that some are more pigmented than others but that doesn’t mean they are not pigmented. They are also very buttery, soft, and bendable. I did notice fallouts after I applied it but that may just be my application methods. Not that big of a problem considering I put my eyeshadow on then concealer to cover up the fallouts. Overall amazing quality and pigmentation.

Lasting Effect: These eyeshadows are definitely long lasting. I had a really busy day and remembered wearing colors from this palette. I went to school, work, ran errands, came home to eat dinner and spend time with my boyfriend, did homework and then I looked in the mirror around 1:00 AM. I was blown away when I saw that my eyeshadow looked as good as it did when I put it on that morning. It seriously did not move. There were no signs of fallouts, no fading in my lids, nothing. Phenomenal lasting effect!

Overall Thoughts: Isn’t obvious already? I love this palette and I will probably be using it often. I can’t wait to check out more of their eyeshadow palette. I have my eye out on their Color Smokey Eye and It’s Bling Eye Shadow Palette. I will keep you updated!

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

As Always,

ColourPop Haul! Swatches and First Impressions!

Over the past few months, I discovered a new cosmetics company and fell completely in love with it. That cosmetics company is ColourPop! This company was started in California and retails their product at a very affordable rate! Seriously! I went overboard on shopping here because of the quality and price of their products. Anyways, enough intro. Here is what I got and their swatches! I will commenting about my first impressions throughout the blog post. This was a cumulative haul from November and December of 2014. Everything in this haul is still available. Enjoy!

Not a Box of Chocolates




Starting from the left: Doe-A-Deer, Partridge, Drift, Tinsel, Sleigh, Halo

I swatched all of these with one swipe and I was very please with the outcome. These are very pigmented just from one swipe. Halo barely shows up on my skin but I tried it on my lids and it looked absolutely gorgeous and very brightening.

Megan Naik




Starting from the left: Lectra, Farah, Onai, Amira

This is probably one of my favorite products that I got from this haul. First of all, I love the packaging, probably because my favorites color is red. I also love the color scheme for this palette. Amira is probably the most gorgeous glistening gold I have ever owned. The texture of these eye shadows almost make them feel like they’re wet. Add a gorgeous gold color to that and you have Amira. I’m also very pleased that they added a chocolate brown matte eye shadow. It just really pulls the palette together. And of course, the pigmentation is as crazy as ever for ColourPop.

Forget the Fruit Cake




Starting from the left: Cookie, Tuxedo, Cheers, Tutu, Confetti, Lady

I fell in love with this palette, the moment I saw it but I decided to pass on it because I was not familiar with ColourPop yet. I ended up getting individual Lippie Stix to try out the brand first. When I fell in love with the pigmentation and formula of their Lippie Stix, I decided to finally get this set. All of these are matte except for Tuxedo and Confetti which are a hyper gloss finish. Again, these were swatches were done with one swipe. I absolutely love these Lippie Stix especially the mattes. They do not dry me out like a lot of matte lipsticks I’ve tried and they don’t settle into my lines. They’re also very pigmented as I’ve mentioned before. They do bleed a little but with a lip primer, they stay on perfectly fine.

Lippie Stix



Starting from the Left: Flawless, LBB, Brills, Fetch, Gossip, Lumiere

Sooo…when I mentioned that I went over board, this is what I meant. Yes, I bought six more Lippie Stix on top of the Forget the Fruit Cake set of 6 Lippie Stix. Why? Well because I’m obsessed and crazy about makeup. I will probably not need lipsticks for a very long time. But! I’m completely happy with these! My current favorite Lippie Stix is Lumiere!

Overall Thoughts

I’m in love with ColourPop now. The quality is amazing and the prices are great. They just released a new line of matte eye shadows and I can’t wait to check them out. I hope you end up liking ColourPop too!

Thanks for reading!

As Always,

Nicole ❤

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